LAST UPDATED: January 1, 2000

Our web site is being redesigned to be used with a screen reader. All images on our web site will be accompanied by a description attribute that will be visible if your browser supports the alt-text function.

Instructions for visually  impaired access to PDF documents
Follow this ADA link to learn about converting
PDF to text.

All Web Portal Inc. text content pages will have a "comment" hyperlink. If a web page has an on-line form that is not accessible, please email the Site Editor listed to get help obtaining the form or filling it out.


The Web Portal Inc. Access Design Standards requires that all audio and video clips have text transcriptions or descriptions with a closed-captioned (CC) hyperlink.


  • All eb Portal Inc. Web pages shall support text browsers directly on the page to the extent that is possible.

  • All hyperlinks to PDF documents will include the word "PDF" within the hyperlink description.
  • Every graphic image shall have an "Alt" tag with a short description of that graphic image. If the graphic image is being used as a hyperlink, it will also include a description of the information at the hyperlink.
  • All audio and video clips shall have text transcriptions or descriptions. The graphic page will have a closed-captioned (CC) link button.
  • Hyperlink text shall contain descriptive words. Words like "this", "here" or "click" alone do not convey information about the nature of the link.
  • All text content pages are required to have a "contact/comment" link. The link will provide an e-mail address for obtaining assistance in providing the requested information.
  • The use of frames in news publication pages will be avoided since they are not supported by all browsers and cannot be read intelligently by screen readers. Newspaper style layouts with text wrapping from one column to the next are not allowed.

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